Are You #PetPrepared? 5 Tips to Have Emergency Plans in Place with #BlogPaws

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Are You #PetPrepared? Here are 5 Tips to Have Emergency Plans in Place. Hill's is joining the nation-wide network of shelter partners to help encourage us to participate in National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. #BlogPaws #ad

I was actually watching a popular show about a fire emergency late last night.

In the show, the family all got out of the spreading fire, but the dad ran back in to save the family dog. As much as his family members didn’t want him to race back in, he couldn’t leave the dog behind. Similarly, I’ve been talking to my family lately about fire safety and having a plan that includes all of our pets. Right now, that’s a dog, a cat, and 11 chickens, and we care about all of them. When you make a family emergency plan, that includes ALL members of the family, like pets.

I am SO excited to be a BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Blogger. This ranks right up there with high honors for me. You all know I’m a blog lover, and an animal lover, and this is the perfect combination of both. I’m SUPER excited to learn important information, like I have been learning through Hill’s, pre-conference. When disaster strikes, pets are affected too. After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA established National Animal Disaster Preparedness day, after hundreds of thousands of pets were abandoned and displaced. Hill’s has joined for the last 5 years, with its nationwide network of shelter partners to promote awareness of NADPD and the importance of being #PetPrepared. Are you skilled at Pet Preparedness?

Hill’s and the network of shelters encourage families to prepare a Pet Emergency Go-Kit, and include pets in family emergency preparedness plans. If you have pet adoption on your radar, it’s important to factor safety in. You can view the entire Pet Emergency Go-Kit and learn more tips about disaster preparedness and safety at

Here are 5 Tips to Have Emergency Plans in Place with #BlogPaws and be more #PetPrepared:

1 – Build a Pet Emergency Go-Kit and store it with the rest of your family’s emergency preparations.

2 – Have basic first aid supplies, a 3-day supply of bottled water, and the pet’s food, held in a waterproof container.

3 – Have a safety harness and leash, as well as waste clean-up supplies.

4 – Keep medications and a copy of the pet’s medical records in the kit. You should have a list of veterinarians and local pet care organizations. Also, keep a list of the pet’s feeding routine and any behavior issues.

5 – Keep comfort items, such as a blanket or favorite toy, to help keep the pet calm and comfortable.

Hill’s Disaster Relief Network responds quickly to supply free pet food to families in need when communities are hit hard by disaster. This is a first-of-its-kind network, and it was established in 2013 as an extension of Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® program. And stay tuned, because I’ll be talking about that soon! In the last 5 years, Hill’s Disaster Relief Network has delivered over 280,000 pounds of free food to nearly 300 organizations across the country in response to more than 70 disasters, including floods, tornados, mudslides, and the devastating hurricanes and wildfires last year.

“Planning ahead is the best way for families to ensure that all members of their family, including pets, are ready to face an emergency,” said Joanna Fuller. She oversees Hill’s Pet Nutrition Food, Shelter & Love® program. “Creating a pet emergency go- kit beforehand can relieve some of the stress families experience and keep pets safe when disasters strike. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of cats and dogs that are hurt, displaced or abandoned when communities are impacted by disaster.” Now I’m curious to hear from my readers. Is your family #PetPrepared? If not, it’s time to start!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The opinions and text are all mine.

3 BIG Reasons We Got a BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership This Year

This is a sponsored post, in partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club. All opinions are proudly my own.

Are you a member of BJ's Wholesale Club? After reading this, you might want to start! Here are 3 big reasons we LOVE being members, and one is that it's one-stop shopping for the WHOLE family - and that includes pets! See how easy it is to join! #AD #BJsSmartSaver

2018 is to be the great year that The Bowmans take on BJ’s Wholesale Club!

It was inevitable because I have loved this store since I was a kid, when a location opened up in New Jersey near my house. As a family of seven, BJ’s Wholesale Club was our best friend. We all had our favorite products and our parents bought the products we needed for such a big family – that would last us between shopping trips. I remember it being fun, and it was always an honor to accompany my dad on his shopping trips. Now as an adult, I was ecstatic to learn that we live smack in the middle of two gorgeous locations. As a parent and a pet parent too, I was delighted to learn recently that BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination for families, and also to give pets the very best. My pets are a big part of our family.

I like to go to BJ’s on a mellow weekend day, especially for all the yummy samples! Over time, I’ve discovered a lot of fun reasons to belong to BJ’s. Here are 3 BIG reasons we decided to get a BJ’s membership this year, and surely beyond!

1 – BJ’s provides great value. Did you know that families can save up to $500 a year by shopping there? BJ’s is committed to offering the best value of any supermarket or club, and it shows! BJ’s members save 25% off grocery store prices every day, and they’re the only membership warehouse club to accept manufacturer’s coupons. And since I’m a real friend, and real friends share savings, I’m sharing my awesome refer-a-friend link for you to join BJ’s today and earn a $25 gift card! If you refer your friends to BJ’s by visiting, you’ll both receive a $25 BJ’s Gift Card when your friend joins.

And if you join BJ’s, your membership is filled with added convenience – like in-Club shopping,, and BJ’s mobile app. With this, members can digitally select and save coupons to their membership card with BJ’s Add-to-Card feature on and the BJ’s mobile app. And, you can save time and money by filling up your gas tanks at BJ’s Gas® with gas prices among the lowest around. That kind of value is unmatched, but also, the experience is more than that. That brings me to:

2 – BJ’s is fun and participatory. Whether it’s the car-themed shopping carts or the samples that are on weekends AND on weekdays, I love seeing all the smiling faces. You can enjoy the samples, get an eye exam, and talk to every employee and you’ve just had a great use of your time! Des really loves to go with me, and often we go as a family. We all four love it!

3 – When I say one-stop shopping for the WHOLE family, that includes pets! This is a big one! Our dog, Athena, and our cat, Juniper, are important members of our family and that’s why we’re thrilled that BJ’s offers a wide assortment of food and accessories for your pets – at an unbeatable value! Here are just a few things we rely on for our pets that we have found:

Berkley Jensen Medium Dog Biscuits, 6.6 lbs – These are gravy coated dog biscuits clean teeth and help reduce tartar. BJ’s has wet and dry pet food, as well as treats that support dental health. They also have specialty foods that cater to weight management or complete nutrition.

Berkley Jensen 38″ Tufted Round Pet Bed – Athena loves this 38″ round bed. It’s tufted for extra comfort and it’s reversible with warm/cool fabrics. Her bed is also machine washable for easy cleaning, and it’s treated with MaxGuard to reduce odor and bacterial growth. 

Berkley Jensen Seafood Lover’s Classic Variety Pack for Cats, 36 ct. – It starts with the very best cuts of fresh cod, salmon or ocean whitefish as the first ingredient to provide the key proteins and amino acids that Juniper needs to thrive.

There’s so much more to love! Why do we go? It’s because they offer a large selection of leading national brands and specialty pet food brands that cater to your pets’ needs without breaking your budget! We love BJ’s exclusive Berkley Jensen brand. And along with all these great products, BJ’s helps protect our pets from fleas and ticks. They offer flea and tick solutions like PetAction® Plus to help protect pets at an incredible price. And BJ’s helps us prepare our pets for outdoor weight with a wide selection of pet health and grooming products. Even though Juniper is an indoors cat, Athena goes outside and puts Juniper at risk for fleas and ticks. Together with BJ’s, we’re keeping our pets happy and healthy.

Don’t forget my awesome refer-a-friend link for you to join BJ’s today and earn a $25 gift card!

What’s your favorite thing to shop for at BJ’s?