How We Do It Up For Fall and Halloween With Lowe’s

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Here are 5 ways we do it UP for Halloween. Our secret weapon? Lowe's! Just look inside and see the AMAZING and spooky decor we got! #LowesFallDecor #IC #ad

When I was a kid, my mom did the house UP for Halloween. Actually, she did the house up for every holiday. I would never be surprised to get presents for St. Patrick’s Day – despite not being Irish at all – and seeing the bins of decorations go up in a timely fashion for every holiday. Then there were birthdays, where we got balloons and garland, and the “junk” cereal of our choice. My mom is an artist/art teacher and loves all holidays, while I sometimes give in to moods or lack of moods, and I’m not quite up to her gusto. That said, I always loved Halloween and now it’s even better as a parent. It’s FANTASTIC.

Halloween With Lowe's

If you need reminding, I can tell you that it was IN our wedding vows to be the most popular house on Halloween night. And oh yeah – my husband made an insane Halloween costume in six days and won the costume contest at the parade. We talk about Halloween for every day of October, and September, and by the way – have you seen our house? It’s decorated!

Even though we sometimes pull costumes together on the last possible day, or in my husband’s case – six days before Halloween, we do decorate and plan our house in advance. We also get inspired to cook up some fall recipes to add to the overall theme of the seasons, and to bring out our favorite smells, tastes and sights of Halloween. Our kids are big fans of the holiday, just like we have always been. There are five ways we do it UP for Halloween, starting with the best one.

1 – We decorate like crazy! This year, our “theme” was a new one for us. It’s Glam Halloween Décor. We favor a lot of black and metal colors this year. The whole family went shopping at Lowe’s together and couldn’t believe what they had.

I love their selection, but also their interactive displays. I love the way they group their products together so you get a real feel for how it will look in your home. And I love all the animatronic Halloween decorations, like this:

Lowe’s offers great values on the latest in décor trends – like our Glam Halloween theme – and has the spookiest ideas to deck out your house for Halloween this fall! Amp up your home’s spooky spirit this Halloween in total style! Want to know everything we got? You can find it all in the photos above and below, but here’s my list of our favorite Halloween choices:

1 – Holiday Living 12-ft x 4.36-ft Lighted Reaper Halloween Inflatable

2 – Holiday Living Animatronic Pre-Lit Bowl Tabletop Decoration Multicolor LED Lights

3 – Holiday Living Animatronic Pre-Lit Musical Skeleton with Flashing Multicolor LED Lights

4 – Holiday Living Animatronic Pre-Lit Skull Telephone Skull with Flashing Orange LED Lights

5 – Holiday Living Animatronic Pre-Lit Musical Clock Tabletop Decoration with Constant Multicolor LED Lights

6 – Holiday Living Pre-Lit Musical Candelabra Tabletop Decoration with Flickering White LED Lights

7 – Holiday Living Pre-Lit Mirror Tabletop Decoration with Constant Red LED Lights

8 – Holiday Living Skull Hourglasss Tabletop Decoration Multicolor

9 – Holiday Living 24-in Pre-lit Indoor/Outdoor Berry Artificial Halloween Wreath with White LED Lights

In fact, since I like you so much, I made a reel of our Halloween decorations in action. The majority of them had something really fun about them, and I wanted you to also experience the sights and sounds of it! Des helped make this video:

And here are four other ways we do it UP for Halloween! 2 – We get CRAZY with our Halloween costumes. We plan them for months in advance. 3 – We craft/DIY even more than usual – with pumpkin carving and all sorts of paper crafts. 4 – We light candles! Spooky! And 5 – We watch Halloween movies all month long. No doubt, this holiday is our time to shine.

And Lowe’s really helps us amp up the Halloween spirit!

Check out these photos for inspiration:

Don’t forget to check out how to have an amazing Halloween with Lowe’s here.

Which one is your favorite?

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Vanity With A’vant

Home upgrades, especially bathroom upgrades can be tough to maneuver! Thank you to VT Industries and their A’vant Vanities for sponsoring this post, and providing much-needed inspiration as we embark on our home renovation journey.

Planning a bathroom renovation/upgrade? Here's 3 ways to revitalize your vanity with A'vant Vanities from VT Industries. Above all have FUN #ad #avantvanity

As you are well aware of now, we are upgrading our master bedroom/bathroom later this month.

It keeps coming closer and closer, and I’m a bit in shock about how much our lives will change soon. I’m nervous about the displacement and the changes, but I’m also super excited. Things will be different! And better! We have spent weeks looking on Houzz. I’m not even sure what’s most fun – picking out medicine cabinets and mirrors, picking out tubs, or picking out vanities. The vanity is a place you spend a lot of your life! It’s often where you start your day, and where you end it too.

Cassidy and I love to talk about single or double sinks, and what kinds of faucets we might love. Ultimately, replacing our dull or barely-existent vanities will bring new life to our bathroom. That’s why I love A’vant products. They bring new life to your bathroom! A’vant Vanity Surfaces will rejuvenate your bathroom with their stunning colors and natural textures.

Their products are solid surface bathroom vanities, created with durable quartz and granite. The surfaces are proven to maintain their color and consistency for years, and are available in 15 on-trend hues – ranging from wintry whites to earthy browns! There are custom and standard pairings, and A’vant vanities come in five standard sizes. Delivery is quick and nationwide, and sinks are available in two different shapes as well as two different elegant color options to complete this one-of-a-kind look! The shapes are rectangular or circular, paired with your choice of a modern white or bisque color.

Here are three ways to revitalize your vanity!

1 – Replace your vanity top. This is a simple way to totally change the look of your bathroom. A’vant Vanities make so many different statements. We browse Houzz to look at different styles for our house – like modern, rustic, farmhouse, etc.

This is a simple and fun way for DIYers to revitalize their bathrooms.

2 – Replace your faucet. We’ve had to do this in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. Sometimes you go into a bathroom and you instantly notice if they have a cool sink/faucet! Ours had been badly in need of updating for ages!

3 – Buy new accessories. Before the renovation planning, we did a bathroom refresh so that it would be more fun in the remaining months we had with it the way it was. I had fun picking out a new trash can, new soap dispensers, colorful new towels, a new shower curtain, and a matching bath mat. It’s amazing how those little touches make big changes.

It turns out that remodeling your bathroom is easier than you think, and A’vant Vanities make the process even easier! I LOVE their custom and standard sizes, and their awesome colors. I love how they appeal to our various styles.

Make sure you stay in touch with VT Industries on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Houzz! (I love Houzz so much) And find your local dealer for VT Industries at this link, so that you can begin your own vanity project!

Have you seen A’vant vanities’ 15 colors here? Which one is your favorite?

Happy Revitalizing!