Gorgeous Orange Slush Drink For Easter Brunch

This post has been sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Think about your perfect Easter brunch.

I have the biggest weakness EVER for this time of year, and it rivals even the pumpkin coffee, velvety flannel shirts, wood-burning, leaf pile-jumping bliss of a New England autumn. Spring? That’s what we wait all year to enjoy. It’s rainbow marshmallows, chocolate rabbits, white linen, baby bonnets, spring dresses, and more. My mom has historically made it special, with her antique bunnies, her love for marshmallow chickens, and her farmhouse kitchen table – often inhabiting 10-20 party guests. The pastel linens come out, the brunch casseroles are served, and there’s a gorgeous pitcher full of brunchy beverage goodness. It’s like a cold, drinkable orange creamsicle with just a little party fizz. You will LOVE it for brunch.

When I think about March, April, and even May, my mouth waters for chocolate eggs, baked hams, and my orange slush drink. It’s festive, zesty, sweet, refreshing, and perfectly pretty for your Easter brunch spread as well. You can also serve it for any Easter meal – you don’t have to limit it for brunch. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the in-betweens count too. I think my mom even served it with Easter dessert once! That was actually really special. Enjoy this versatile drink all spring.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t confess that we have it for Christmas too. See what I mean about versatile!

Gorgeous Orange Slush Drink For Easter Brunch:

2 cups ice
1 cup white milk
2 cups Simply Orange® Juice
1/2 cups Sprite® (optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons white sugar
Sliced oranges or clementines for serving

Directions:Place ice, milk, orange juice, vanilla, Sprite® and sugar into a blender. Blend well until mixture is smooth and slushy. Immediately pour into cups and serve with a fun straw and slice of orange on the rim of the glass.

Makes 3, 16 oz glasses

It’s delicious! Fizzy and festive. Coca-Cola beverages and Sam’s Club help to make the perfect Easter meal. You can shop at Sam’s Club for all drink ingredients. Some of our favorites are Simply Orange®, Simply Lemonade®, smartwater®, vitaminwater®, Gold Peak® Tea and Sprite®. For a non-fizzy drink, you can skip the Sprite®, and make sure your Simply Orange® takes center stage. Either way is delicious! It’s not too soon to think about your perfect Easter meal.

Sam’s Club is my place to go for holiday shopping. I take Des with me and usually go on a weeknight. When I know I need Coca-Cola products in bulk, for serving many party guests, there’s just nowhere else to go for that great value and selection. You can also make a nice beverage bar with all of their products, in addition to making a few pitchers of this orange and yummy goodness. That way you’re covering all your guests’ beverage needs – from children to adults.

What’s your favorite drink for Easter brunch?

Sequin Rainbow Hair Clip

This Sequin Rainbow Hair Clip is the CUTEST! And it's easy to make. Surprise someone in your life for St. Patrick's Day or Pride Month, or make one together.

We find ourselves with another snow day!

I have to be honest – western MA is not having a record-breaking winter here. At least not Northampton. I think this is the third or fourth time that we’ve found ourselves in what our local weather nut calls “The Snow-Lover’s Triangle of Disappointment.” My family in New Jersey, and Cassidy’s family house in Cape Cod are getting hit way worse than us. So maybe we WON’T be stuck with kids in school in late June, when summer camp is already happening. That said, the kids are home with me today. Des is reading (or trying, anyway) himself Dr Seuss books and Scarlet is refusing to help me with photos for my blog. Luckily she has a few redheaded cutie friends who are more than happy to help model this amazing hair clip:

It’s really cute, isn’t it? You know I love St. Patrick’s Day and you still have time to make this! And if not, Pride MONTH is just that – a whole month. Also rainbows are every day and eternal. Never forget that. It’s rainbow season ALL YEAR LONG.

Sequin Rainbow Hair Clip


Sequins in rainbow colors
White paper
Purple craft foam
White school glue
Plain hair clip
Hot glue gun (optional)


1 – Draw the shape of a rainbow on a piece of white paper. Make it more of a blocky type rainbow, that will make it easier to fill in with the sequins. You also want to adjust the size of your rainbow according to the size of your hair clip. You can view the photo for reference on how to make a simple rainbow shape.

2 – Cut out the rainbow shape from the white paper.

3 – Using the rainbow shape as a template, trace it onto a piece of purple craft foam.

4 – Cut the rainbow from the craft foam.

5 – Place a thin line of white school glue along the outside edge of the craft foam rainbow shape. This is where you will place your first row of sequins.

6 – Starting with red, place the sequins carefully, one by one onto the glue line that you just made on the craft foam rainbow.

7 – Let the glue dry completely, and then repeat step six for each color of the rainbow until you have covered the entire surface of your craft foam rainbow shape with sequins. Be sure to let the glue dry completely before continuing on to the next row of sequins or they will slip and slide all around.

8 – Use glue to attach the plain hair clip to the back of the sequined rainbow. This is where you might find it more handy to use a hot glue gun if you like. The glue will dry much faster and will form a stronger bond.

This Sequin Rainbow Hair Clip is the CUTEST! And it's easy to make. Surprise someone in your life for St. Patrick's Day or Pride Month, or make one together.

Be honest. Would you steal this from your daughter and wear it yourself? (I would)