MYCHANIC: What to Get Your DIY Guy

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of MYCHANIC. All thoughts, opinions, and product love is 100% my own.

What do you get the #DIY guy in your life? The one who can create, build, recreate, and rebuild everything? Mychanic! #gifts #AD TurnYourOwnWrench @Mychanic

I think you all know by now that Cassidy is the ultimate DIY guy!

He’s the handiest-dandiest guy I know. He always finds genius ways to design, fix, create, build, rebuild, start from scratch, dream, and put plans into action. It’s sort of astonishing, actually. You never know what you’re going to find at our house.

It might be a chicken palace!

Or a giant tree costume he made in six days.

How about a vertical pallet garden?


Or a garden racetrack for Des.

He sometimes says, after the latest harebrained scheme, that maybe he will take a break from all of this creating and dreaming and planning. I really hope he never does! I knew what I was getting into long before I married him. On our first date, in Maine, I confessed that my car was way overdue for an oil change and I was worried it wouldn’t make it back to NYC. I had lost a car that way! I figured that this guy I barely knew would either think I was foolish, or try to find a mechanic. The problem? It was a holiday weekend and a Sunday at that! That’s when he surprised me, for the first time.

He got everything he needed at an auto supply store and gave my car an oil change right then and there.

When I saw him go under the car, I knew it was real. He was REALLY doing a DIY oil change, and he seemed to care about me too. That was convenient, because the sentiment was mutual. I love that we began that way, and with moose in Maine!

Years later, I care about him even more. I get stumped when it’s his birthday, or the holidays, or Father’s Day, or our anniversary, because I always have trouble thinking of gifts for him. What do you get the guy who has – or can build – nearly everything? That’s where MYCHANIC steps in! They have an amazing and useful variety of products using bold ideas, multi-purpose functions, and smart designs. We have the Sidekick Stool. It’s pretty awesome to see him using it around here!

What does it do? It helps you stop straining your back and crushing your knees in your garage! With the Sidekick Stool, you can glide around your project in comfort (and style) and have all of your needed tools within reach. This gorgeous rolling tool chest stool combines plenty of space to keep tools handy, with a comfortable deep-cushioned rolling seat to keep you off the ground. With 450 lbs of capacity, this stool is built to hold a lot of dude, and a lot of tools! You can keep everything at your fingertips! Remember to always follow recommended safety guidelines.

The thing is, the other day was a rare day without rain! Cassidy usually works inside our garage, although with the chickens temporarily being displaced there, it can be a racket! I was super happy to see him using the Sidekick Stool on the driveway. The stool’s heavy-duty steel frame is rugged and powder coated for weather resistance. Then, I was shocked to see him using it in the garden too! Apparently, he has found multi-purpose functions for this garage essential. Pretty cool, right?

With two padded drawers, a removable tool rack and magnetic trays, it’s no wonder he has found great uses for it! So what do you get the guy who seems to have everything? What do you get the DIYer in your life who needs garage essentials to make projects easier? Get the Sidekick Stool! It has 3″ rubber swivel casters for quick movement. It has two smooth gliding ball-bearing drawer slides for quick and easy access. And, it has foldable magnetic trays to keep loose nuts and bolts at your DIY guy’s fingertips. The tool rack can be removed for when you need it (or don’t) and the deep-cushion seat is comfortable.

It’s even comfy for the longest jobs.

Happy Gift Giving!

What do you get the #DIY guy in your life? The one who can create, build, recreate, and rebuild everything? Mychanic! #gifts #AD TurnYourOwnWrench @Mychanic

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of MYCHANIC.

Today’s Special With Apollo Box

This post has been sponsored by The Apollo Box – a relevant and fitting company for Tamara (Like) Camera representation, I dare say! All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are always my own. There’s a 15% off coupon code too. Enjoy!

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I think it’s safe to say by now that we’re a quirky, creative family – with a taste for the unique, fun, and creative. I think it’s safe to say that I LOOOOVE Nightmare Before Christmas and that we love Star Wars. That’s an understatement, actually!

I mean, that’s how we met!

Apollo Box

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Where else can you find..?

Star Wars items even the most Star Wars-loving person you know probably doesn’t have?

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The Gradient Glass Water Bottle is beautifully painted for travel. The vivid gradiated colors give the soft look of watercolor. The bottle is thin enough to take everywhere, and has a leak-proof, screw-on lid. It can hold 11 ounces of your favorite beverage, and the solid glass withstands temps up to 176 F degrees! Also, it has awesome lettering!

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The Apollo Box helps customers discover, collect, & share the world’s most creative products. They hand-pick every product from vendors around the world #ad