Beauty and the Beast: Chip the Teacup Treats

I’m so old, that I vividly remember the first time I saw the movie, Beauty and the Beast.

With just a few ingredients and these instructions, you can make adorable #BeautyandTheBeast Chip Teacups! Fill them with your treat of choice! #DIY #Recipe

And yet, I’m young enough that I was a child when I saw it.

Still, I was captivated. At a time, I’m certain I could recite every line and every song of that movie. With my long wavy hair, and my deep love of all things books (I would LOVE to have my own sweeping castle library), Belle was one of the princesses I thought about dressing up as for Halloween. Somehow, I found my love for Snow White – for costume – and for Queen Elsa – for personality, but I will always love Belle as one of my original favorites. In fact, we visit her every January in Disney World!

Now what if I told you that you could make THESE at home?

With just a few ingredients and these instructions, you can make adorable #BeautyandTheBeast Chip Teacups! Fill them with your treat of choice! #DIY #Recipe

Scarlet developed a deep love for Disney Princesses when she was still a toddler. While she would dress up as all of them, she had a specific yellow dress she called her “Belle Dress.” In fact, I dug it out for you to see! She LOVED this special dress:

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I picked it up for two bucks at a consignment sale. Worth it.

Over the years, her princess love grew.

Chip Teacups

She even tried to turn Des into a princess! He tolerated it as a baby.

And now she’s old enough to help me make some special treats. You can fill them with ice cream, candy, or any sweet treat! Use them for a party, for a special dinner, or to celebrate the release of the new Beauty and the Beast movie in March.

With just a few ingredients and these instructions, you can make adorable #BeautyandTheBeast Chip Teacups! Fill them with your treat of choice! #DIY #Recipe

Now, here’s what you do to make your own Chip Teacups, with ingredients, instructions, and photos. You will absolutely delight the Beauty and the Beast fans in your life, because these are terribly CUTE, and you can make them at home yourself.

Chip the Teacup (Beauty and the Beast)

Chip the Teacup (Beauty and the Beast)


  1. Keebler Butter Cookies (any brand will work)
  2. Plain Ice Cream Cones
  3. Wilton Candy Melts, Bright White
  4. Twist Pretzels
  5. Wilton Candy Drizzle Pouch, Pink, Blue, Brown
  6. Edible Writing Markers, optional
  7. Edible Gold Glitter


  • 1. Cut about 1/3 of the bottom off each cone.
  • 2. Break off rounded edges from the pretzels so they look like little cup handles.
  • 3. Place white candy melts in a bowl, and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring each time, until melted.
  • 4. Dip the little pretzel handles into melted chocolate until coated and place on parchment paper. 5. Sprinkle on edible gold glitter. Let Dry
  • 6. Dip ice cream cones into melted chocolate until covered inside and out, place on parchment paper and let dry. Cut a small V-shape into the top of the cone to symbolize the chip.
  • 7. Next, dip each end of the cone into the melted candy melts and lightly dip into the glitter to form a gold rim on each end of the cone.
  • 8. Heat the pink and blue drizzle pouches according to package directions, and make little triangle shapes around the edge of the cookie, alternating each color.
  • 9. Next, draw on Chip’s eyes and mouth. You can use an edible food marker or use a brown color drizzle pouch to do this as well, whichever you prefer.
  • 10. Finally, place a small circle of melted chocolate in the center of the cookie and set the cone on it, then put a little more chocolate on the inside of the cone to make sure it sticks to the cookie. 11. Let dry.
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So what do you think? Will you give it a try?

With just a few ingredients and these instructions, you can make adorable #BeautyandTheBeast Chip Teacups! Fill them with your treat of choice! #DIY #Recipe

What’s your favorite Disney movie? Mine is actually Lion King thus far, but don’t tell Scarlet!

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Beauty and the Beast: Chip the Teacup Treats — 62 Comments

  1. Omg, these are absolutely adorable and the perfect treat to celebrate the new movie opening. I am so making these for my girls. What can I say, but thank you for sharing them here with us!! πŸ˜‰

  2. I love these! I’m old enough to remember the original movie too. I ca’t wait for the new one.

    Natalie will insist we make these πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

  3. I saw the movie for the first time when I was in Junior High! The DVD copy we have right now, actually was mine πŸ™‚

    This is pretty stinking incredible and I want to make 100 of these and give them out to everyone! So cool! Pinned!

  4. This is so stinkin’ adorable. I loved Beauty and the Beast as a kid too. I mean it came out when we were like in middle school, but I still loved it. I bought the book of sheet music for the entire movie and learned to play the entire soundtrack on my trumpet; I was that impressed.

  5. These are adorable! I probably won’t be making them myself but I know a few people who might be willing to do it for me and let me have a few as a finders’ fee! πŸ™‚

  6. OMG I can’t wait for beauty and the best to come out. It’s one of my favorite cartoons my Mother and I watched the remastered versions during Christmas and OMG it was better than I remembered. Ahhh Des is such a good big brother. These Tea Cups look deceptively hard but your pictures make it look super easy. I have to make these with my Mother soon. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh. My. Word. These are the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! I just might have to give my daughter a beauty and the beast party and try to make these! So adorable!

  8. Eeeeeep!!! These are so cute!! And they look incredible πŸ™‚ Great job!

    Uhm, I, too, remember when this movie first came out. #weold (kidding. We just were around for a lot of cool things). I really want to see this remake, too…

  9. Wow, these are so cute! I’m not sure how skilled I will be at pulling this off but I want to give it a try. Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest fail. lol

  10. Sooo cute!!! I love it!! I think it’s very creative and will be a hit for kids and kids at heart. β™₯ I’m so excited for the movie with Emma Watson leading it!

  11. These are adorable!! My daughters would love them. We haven’t watched Beauty and the Beast together yet because they are still a bit young but I can definitely remember seeing it in the theatre as a child and being so afraid of those wolves πŸ˜‚ I’m always told if I were a Disney princess I would be Belle, I love her too!

  12. this is absolutely perfect. The picture of Des & Belle? I love it! We get to see it next week and I’m so stoked!

  13. These are absolutely adorable. Someday I hope I have a grandchild that I can make something like this with! The picture of Des in a crown just made my night. My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella – I still watch it sometimes!

  14. Cool teacups!!! I can’t wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie. We are going to have a Mommy-Daughter date at the movies for this one.

  15. Wowee, those are absolutely adorable!
    I actually more vividly remember seeing The Little Mermaid, even though I was younger. But I love Beauty and the Beast, and Eve really enjoyed it when I showed it to her last fall. And she’s definitely in the princess phase now!

    • Wow! I remember Scarlet being in it. I dreaded it and then it happened, and it was sort of amazing. She was finding her way. Now she’s more into other things, but still believes all the princesses are “real” and I have photos of her totally fangirling over them..

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