Anything Can Happen On Halloween.

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Oh, and for that link? You’re welcome.

A cultivated love for Tim Curry knows no bounds. The same goes for Eric Clapton. I know this because once in a bathroom at a bar in NYC, I found a label posted to the stall that said, “Eric Clapton is God.” Someone went through the trouble of typing that up with what was then a very technologically advanced creation – a label maker. However, that is a story for another day.

Today, Tim Curry.

Err..I mean Halloween, and all seasonal delights. For this week’s Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party, we are focusing on your favorite Halloween posts! Of course if you don’t have any, we still readily enjoy any fall and seasonal and pumpkin related posts.

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This Halloween will prove to be a spectacle within my family. We are going to a birthday party, then a Halloween parade and then trick-or-treating at yet another party. There will be photos. I think it’s imperative that someone will take a photo of me.

If it all works out, you will love it a lot. Now what are your Halloween plans?

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Anything Can Happen On Halloween. — 53 Comments

    • You’ll see them! Mellow Halloweens are good. I had one two years ago because I was pregnant with Des and we got that freak blizzard. Worst Halloween ever, except for the one when I was six and had a high fever.

  1. OF COURSE we will love the pictures, Its gonna be a lot of fun. 🙂 I am so excited to see pics of Des and Scarlet, oh and you of course. 🙂 I generally love this time of year blogging–so many fun costumes!! 🙂

    • I know! I can't wait to read blogs all of next week. I'm going to make sure my photo is taken no less than 117 times. (random number, I don't know why?) Have a great weekend, Nellie!

  2. I hope someone does take a few pictures of you and seriously can’t wait to see all your pictures now of you all from Halloween. We have the girl’s pre-school parades and parties before we will go trick or treating with their cousins (the kids are all similar ages) and then hopefully dinner with the family. Hope it will be nice weather at least and I truly am a kid at heart with Halloween (just love it!).

  3. I guess your planning a group costume/picture. Wonder what your theme is going to be.

    I don't dress up as anything lol haven't in a long time.

    this could be my daughter's last year of trick or treating since she is in the 8th grade now and my son hasn't done it in a few years.

  4. I can never, ever get enough of Tim Curry. Never. (and, on a separate note, Alan Rickman)
    LOVED the video…and I’ve never seen it before!! How did that happen!! Yay for Tim Curry…er…I mean Halloween!!! –Lisa

  5. As always, thanks for co-hosting Tamara! We’ll probably take the girls ‘trunk’ or treating this weekend. I had never heard of this phenomenom before I moved to NE TN. Many of the churches put these on, since there aren’t a lot of neighborhoods. People open up their trunks and hand out candy. Sounds a bit creepy, but it’s actually perfect for little kids. And I’ve got dibs on Monkey’s candy!! Bean might fight me for it this year!

    • I totally hadn't heard about Trunk-or-treating until two years ago! We had a freak blizzard in October (when I was six weeks pregnant and on my second night in a brand new house, no less) and Halloween was canceled. We had to do trunk-or-treating all the following week.

  6. So much great Halloween posts and I love Tim Curry. We have the same taste I see. btw I agree, Eric Clapton is more than good, he’s GREAT! I can’t wait to see your Halloween costumes this year. What is Scarlet and my son-in-law going to be?

    • You love Tim Curry and Eric Clapton?? This marriage must happen! Scarlet is going to be Sofia the First, in the same dress as you, and Des will be Clover. Of course!

  7. Yes, you have to make sure they get a picture of you. And that sounds like one crazy night! We will just be doing a little bit of trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We usually make it up one street and down the next before Pig is done, although this year he knows what candy is so he may not want to give up so early!

  8. I hope there is lots and lots and lots of fun and amazing photos, including ones of you. I know I will love it! So I went ahead and linked up…even though all these people who share recipies and craft things intimidate the ____ out of me. How do you ever manage to get to so many blogs?? You’re magic.

  9. Hey Tamara, not leaving a link, but pretty sure I'm allowed to comment.

    Had to just say, I loved The Worst Witch when I was a kid

    …but the Tim Curry part always weirded me out!

    If DVR existed back then, I definitely would have hit the commercial button. 😛

    • haha, thanks for the laugh! Trust me when I say I don’t understand why his character was a heartthrob, even though I looooved him. I usually went off the beaten path with that stuff..

  10. So many great Fall & Halloween links here.

    Tamara – I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your essay in The Mother of All Meltdowns. I think I’ll have my husband read it, so he knows I’m not the only one who takes the hard way vs. the easy way sometimes 🙂

    • Thanks, Shana! That makes me feel so great. My husband couldn’t understand why I went through three days of pain and fear rather than talk to him! It’s apparently how I roll.

  11. If i have been earlier, I could have linked my fave Halloween and pumpkin post! Thanks for sharing the video, i thought that it was interesting to see a flying human in a play like that….

    I am interested to the porch dress up and creepy dolls links!

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