7 Caregiver Tips for Traveling

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Are you a caregiver or do you have one in your life? Here are 7 tips for traveling, and covering all of your caregiving needs at Sam's Club #ad #ConquerInco

‘Tis the season to get away, right? Today we’re talking about travel – specifically as a caregiver.

As a young adult, I used to jump into my car with wild abandon – happy to drive north, south, east, and west. I think that’s the case with many people, but it gets harder as we get older, or if we’re sick, hurt, or with someone who requires care. Wanderlust hasn’t changed with kids – it just requires more thought now. As a mom, and as a daughter, granddaughter, niece, daughter-in-law, etc. For some people – MANY people – travel requires a LOT more thought than anything.

Luckily my tips include many ways to provide caregiving help for travel.


As much as I am able-bodied right now, I’m always aware of how that can change – whether it takes years, or not. I’ve been a member of the sandwich generation for eight years now. My parents are in good health, but my mom lost both of her parents within the last five years, when both were over 100! My dad’s parents are in their 90’s, and require constant care. And my uncle is younger but has an illness in which we help to outfit our home to accommodate his needs. He needs help with many aspects of life, and it has changed the way we look at travel. It’s changed the way we look at EVERYTHING.

As caregivers to loved ones, we rely on a world that will give us the tools to help. We rely on products and services that give our loved ones the flexibility to live life with freedom. Luckily we find flexibility and freedom with Member’s Mark Total Protection products from Sam’s Club. These are a smarter choice for my family economically, and emotionally for us too.

There’s something at Sam’s Club for everyone, and for many people out there, this is everything. Year ago, when we had settled in western MA and I knew I was going to be a bit in-between everything – whether that’s with generations or geographical distance – I did the research. I wanted to know exactly where to go for myself, and my loved ones. After doing some research and spending some time there, I was happy to learn that Sam’s Club has products for personal care and caregiving needs, including pick up, subscription, and additional health and wellness services. It’s one-stop shopping for Caregiving. There are premium quality products at a great value, and many exclusive member benefits at Sam’s Club.

Here are our 7 Caregiver Tips For Traveling:


1 – Have essentials on hand! If you’re going to be sitting in a plane, train, or car for extended periods, you want to be prepared. Pack light, layered clothes, seasonal needs, snacks, water, and necessary personal products. We buy Member’s Mark Total Protection products like Member’s Mark Total Protection Adult Briefs for Men & Women, Large. Sam’s Club will be the first retail store upgrading to these adjustable briefs. Their products are every bit as good or better than more expensive and more highly advertised brands. You can Conquer Inco with this amazing product – giving confidence to users. Adjustable side panels give a secure fit, and breathable material helps keep skin cool, dry and comfortable.

2 – Get doctor clearance and have important medical info on hand. You should have documents and medications, such as emergency contact info, a list of current meds/doses, food allergy information, physician information, and an ID bracelet for you and/or your loved one. Also you can label clothing and put important info in your loved one’s (and your) wallet.

3 – Plan your accommodations beforehand. If you’re renting a car, think about more easily accessible vehicles, and plan for wheelchairs, walkers, or other pieces of mobility equipment. If flying, request accessible seats. Also limit layovers and connections. Plan meals with dietary restrictions in mind, no matter how you’re traveling. Be in contact with your hotel for special needs in mind – like ramps, first level floors, elevators, etc.

4 – Stick to a routine whenever possible. Instead of staying with family, consider a hotel. Allow extra time for your loved one (and you) to feel comfortable in your new surroundings. Set realistic expectations about the trip.

5 – Outsource. Consider hiring a medical transport service if the situation calls for it. Plan caregiving shifts with other family members or friends, and consider bringing home health aides/nurses, or researching adult care centers.

6 – Communication is key. Before and every activity, tell your loved one where you’re going and what you’re doing in detail, but without overwhelming them.

7. Pace yourself and scale back. Build in extra time for frequent breaks. Don’t rush! Good luck.

Now, head on over to your nearest Sam’s Club to see all of the Member’s Mark Total Protection Products that they have to offer for you and your loved ones! And don’t forget to leave an online review when you visit Samsclub.com.

Happy Trails!

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  1. Thanks for an extensive list of to-do’s.Travelling in itself needs a lot of preparation and planning, and travelling while also caring for a loved one needs loads more. These are tips worth going back to, thank you!

  2. I totally agree with this! My grandma lives with my parents and she has a hard time. We are trying to get her to use one of these but she’s in complete denial that she needs it. My parents have a difficult time traveling with her but I do love all the positivity you put into it. I’ll have to pass this on.

  3. Hi Tamara, how fantastic that you still have your Grandmother with you, but moving her must have been hard for her and your Mum. Both of my parents are fit and able bodies, but there is no guarantee how long that will be for. Only today I was talking with my daughter about how difficult it would be for my parents if they lost their ability to drive, for Mum especially as she is a social butterfly.

    You’ve shared some great tips here, and I think the key is take things slowly and keep them well informed of plans.


  4. I love this post Tamara. I hope to move my parents in with me once they get too old to take care of them. It’ my dream. I’m so happy you still have your Grandmother. My Nana is still around and I feel so lucky to have her.

  5. Wonderful post, momma <3 I have been trying not to think of one of the inevitables in life, that we all age and that many of us will need to think about assistant living… whether for ourselves or our loved ones. How wonderful that your grandparents lived until 100! Imagine all the things you'd see in those years! My mom is a nurse (works the overnight shift) and my poppa is an internist… sadly, the medical gene didn't fall on me, but caregiving? it's an important one <3

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, momma!

  6. Great tips! My mom requires so much more attention whenever we go anywhere these days and these tips are perfect! Especially about having the medical information on hand. You never know when you might need it. Love your photos and happy to hear that you have great genes!

  7. Once a wanderlust, always a wanderlust I guess, but I agree it requires more thought and planning now. Your family is amazing! And it’s nice to have products we can rely on or brands we can trust that are also accessible whenever the need arises. I get bummed when I badly need something and it isn’t available locally.

  8. What wonderful tips and like you I also learned first hand from my mom about being a caregiver as she was my grandmother’s, as well. So couldn’t agree more with all of your above advice.

  9. You have such a beautiful family and how lucky to have longevity on both sides of the family. My parents will both be turning 80 yo this year (sounds young compared to 100 yo) lol. They’re both doing great, but I realize I have to be prepared for changes in the future. Your tips are very helpful and it’s good to know that Sam’s Club carries these personal products.

  10. Great tips and a ton of great advice for those who are caregivers. When my aunt was struggling at the end of her life my mom was her caregiver and I think she would agree with everything that you pointed out. I love that Sams has these products for easy purchase.

  11. It looks like my aunt might be a bigger part of my life now. She is not old but she is disabled and limited on what she can do. These are excellent tips I can implement (and maybe adjust a tad) for our travel days together.

  12. This is really good advice for caregivers. People dont want to talk about it but its a true reality for many people who are caring for the elderly and the disable. My uncle just passed, he wasnt old only 59 but he had a kidney issue that was severe and this is something he needed towards the end of his life so people need to understand this isnt just an “older” people issue.

  13. Thanks for sharing your tips on caregiving. As we get older there are sure a lot of things that we need to be mindful of. Being a caregiver requires a lot of patience and organization. You’re blessed to be able to travel with your family members.

  14. This is such a great post. Each one of these tips are important when you’re traveling with seniors. People really don’t understand Caregivers at times, it’s alot of work trying to prepare for travel with older family members, you are so blessed to be able to travel with your loved ones .

  15. I travel to Italy every year so I know the in’s and out’s of travel prep and planning – and it’s pretty extensive! We went on a 4 hour road trip last year with the kids and I feel like that was as much planning and organizing as going overseas!!

  16. This is a great product to have one hand for traveling for sure. Your story resembles many and I am sure it will help many as well. MY grandmother is from New Jersey and she did a lot of traveling to visit us in Florida when we lived there many times. These are great tips for anyone in a similar situation. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Two grandparents who lives past 100 is awesome. And then to have two more grandparents still in their 90s is really something. You are blessed to have had grandparents around for so long.

  18. We used to take my mother in law on road trips to the beach every spring. It was such a wonderful experience for her, us, and the boys. It definitely takes a lot of planning but is so worth it.

  19. These are wonderful tips and a relevant topic as more and more people are faced with the prospect of becoming a caregiver. I’ve found that sticking with a routine works best for someone who is compromised.

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