5 Tips For a Cozy Bathroom Refresh: Sweepstakes

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As you may know from this blog, our upstairs master suite bathroom has been on my mind lately!

First, we had a major storage issue so I added a linen cabinet and shelving. That helped so much! After that was done, I still noticed it was badly in need of an update or a “refresh”, if you will. I, like many home owners, want our bathroom to be somewhat of a retreat – cozy, inviting and a place of peace. I like nice touches. And I want our upstairs bathroom to share the rustic retreat feel that the rest of the house has. Have you ever seen our home, or a photo of it? It looks like a ski lodge!

The downstairs bathroom is the kids’ bathroom, but that doesn’t mean the upstairs bathroom isn’t also a busy place. Especially during the summer months when we’re celebrating THREE summer birthdays, and the kids are home from school. We constantly have house guests and play dates, galore. I got a lot of inspiration from Target on giving our bathroom a much-needed update/refresh, and also keeping it well-stocked with toilet paper. These were such fun changes to make!

So, what was wrong with our bathroom? We had solved the storage problem, and the bathroom is pleasant and easy to clean. However, there was no real theme or fusion. It was a mix of warm and cold colors, and we wanted it to be more like the rest of our house. Rustic. Cozy. Warm. As you can see from my “before” photos, we had no bathmat and had an outdated shower curtain. The garbage pail was outdated, and we didn’t have soap dispensers. It was disorganized and didn’t have a cozy feel.

Here are 5 Tips For a Cozy Bathroom Refresh:

1 – Add a cozy rug or bath mat. It doesn’t have to be a shaggy square. It can be anything you want! The aisles of Target are full of great solutions, and I wanted something to match the rustic/cozy feel of our house. I chose rich colors.

2 – Incorporate natural materials. Whether that’s wood or soapstone, or the natural beauty of rocks, Target has plenty of options to refresh your bathroom. I fell in love with this wooden wastebasket. It was exactly what I was looking for.

3 – Warm your towels! Cassidy bought me heated towel bars last Christmas, and they give your towels a toasty feel!

4 – Use warm, rich colors around the bathroom, and not just in one place. Ah, was this fun for me. I picked out the bath mat first, and then added a warm-colored shower curtain, soap dispenser, and candle to follow. I love the new look!

5 – Keep your bathroom well-stocked with toilet paper. No one wants to have to change the toilet paper roll a dozen times! That’s where Quilted Northern® Mega Rolls come in! We buy Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls, as well as Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® Mega Rolls. Quilted Northern Mega Rolls are four regular rolls in one – so they last longer. You change the roll less often than before, AND it becomes one less thing to worry about. It makes for a more pleasant experience for guests too. The roll looks fuller! So don’t sweat the small stuff this summer – enjoy your refresh!

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I’d love to hear your favorite Quilted Northern character! Is it Little Miss Puffy Tail, Daddy Gator, or Sir Froggy?

Good luck, and Happy Decorating!

Vote for your favorite bathroom design and win big! #sweepstakes Also read our 5 ways to do a quick, budget-friendly bathroom refresh #ad #MegaSummerRefresh

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5 Tips For a Cozy Bathroom Refresh: Sweepstakes — 11 Comments

  1. Cozy bathrooms are so important, we spend tons of time in the bathroom. After college I promised myself I would never buy cheap toilet paper agin. I didn’t keep that promise because ex-boyfriends didn’t agree but now that I’m living alone I get the good stuff and Quilted Northern is the Good Stuff 😉

  2. I look at a cozy, clean bathroom as a retreat / in home spa. You want it to look and feel comfortable! Scented candles are a MUST! I also have a battery operated LED candle (in case I’m having an I-can’t-sleep-middle-of-the-night-bath) that way I’m not fumbling around for matches or a lighter.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Quilted Northern so this might just be the right time because I’m running out of toilet paper! 🙂 I love a warm, inviting bathroom. Makes such a difference as you indulge in some “me-time” and self-care.

  4. I am loving the total bathroom makeover. My bathroom is my retreat as well and it’s the one place I can go and relax in the tub without Madison bothering me. I just lock my bedroom door and say “don’t bother me”. We shop a lot at Target and I decorated the boys bathroom with items there. BTW I love how big those rolls of tp are.

  5. Love these ideas – we definitely need a bathroom makeover. For as much as I am in there, it should be better decorated. Northern makes a good product!

  6. Hi Tamara, your house does look nice and cozy and I want to know how you managed to get that photo! It was taken from so high up! Your bathroom now matches the rest of your home nicely. I was glad to see the we weren’t the only ones who use towels as floor rugs in the bathroom, although we probably are now!


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