How Biofreeze Professional Keeps Me Adventurous

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I think you know by now that I love living life to the fullest.

If that can be considered a lifestyle, sign me up for that! I’m talking about seizing the day. Go to your #1 travel destination. Meet your favorite movie star and tell him face to face exactly what you think about him. Go out for ice cream. Call your mom. Grab your partner’s hand and give it a squeeze. Apply for that dream job. Go on that whale watch. Smile at that stranger. Pay for the car behind you at the drive-through. For me, life is about a series of small to large meaningful moments. Sometimes, the little things are actually the big things. Sometimes, often, the big things are the big BIG things.

Like I said, sign me up for that lifestyle. Although it’s safe to say that I signed myself up for that long ago – either when I was born, when I signed on to move 3,000 miles away to be with a boyfriend I barely knew, or somewhere in between all of that.

It’s been an adventure.

What I don’t like is for anything to stand in my way. I’m in my 30’s, which I still consider young, but it’s rather amazing how different my body feels than it did in my 20’s. That said, I’m super glad I don’t stay up all night anymore! I’ve always been fairly limber. However, where I used to be more careless with stretching before or after exercising, I have noticed that it can get quite painful. Not only that, my life is a bit unpredictable. While I admire and respect people who go to the gym regularly, I work a bit differently. I do get my exercise, but never in the same place! I’m sort of a mixed bag with exercise.


I crave adventure – through work and through my personal life. I’m active, but it’s an unpredictable active! It’s 14 hour photography shoots, or zip-lining in a boreal forest. It’s running with the dog, when walking doesn’t seem like enough. And it’s even intensive barre workout classes, but even they change the routines often, and I change my routines too.

What I can say for sure is that things don’t feel the way they used to feel. I want to be a photographer forever, but it requires a lot of physical intensity – long hours, no resting or stretching, squatting, and putting weight on your knees and elbows too often. At some point last year, I discovered the wonders of Biofreeze® Professional in helping me get the pain relief I need to live life to the fullest. Biofreeze® Professional Pain Reliever products are a safe and effective pain relief alternative. They’re non-systemic, non-narcotic, and contain no NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), salicylates, or addictive substances.

And they don’t require a prescription!

Did I mention they’re available in both the signature green and colorless (dye-free) formats, are never tested on animals, and are produced in the United States? AND, that they’re as effective as ice for treating pain, but without the drippy bag!

I have Biofreeze® Professional in three products. Biofreeze® Professional 360 Spray makes applying much easier with its continuous flow – designed to reach hard-to-reach places like middle back, neck and lower extremities. Biofreeze® Professional Gel alleviates pain from backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. And, Biofreeze® Professional Roll-Ons contain their best topical pain relieving gel with long-lasting results and a massaging roller ball.

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Do you live a life of adventure too? If you need quality products for joint pain and aches, Biofreeze® Topical analgesics will help #ad #BiofreezePainRelief

Where do you find adventure?

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The Best Avocado Tasting Party We Ever Did Have!

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How would you like to have the best avocado tasting party EVER? That's right. Recipes. Fun facts. Photos. Food. Fun. It's all in this post! #ad #AvoKids #IC

Here’s the thing, guys.

Avocados are a perfect food. Just perfect. They were a bit under my radar when I was a kid, but when I was a young adult traveling the west coast, I discovered that every restaurant had the option to serve them with breakfast. I couldn’t get enough! I always felt awesome starting my day with avocado in or with my breakfast. Now, it’s a regular part of my life. Whenever Cassidy comes home from food shopping, he’ll bring home a handful of avocados for me to eat or use in recipes.

I’ve had a lot of lost time to make up for when I was younger. That said, I didn’t want my kids to miss out on this superfood. Both kids ate avocados regularly as babies. Boy, I have so many photos of them eating their favorite food.

How would you like to have the best avocado tasting party EVER? That's right. Recipes. Fun facts. Photos. Food. Fun. It's all in this post! #ad #AvoKids #IC

How would you like to have the best avocado tasting party EVER? That's right. Recipes. Fun facts. Photos. Food. Fun. It's all in this post! #ad #AvoKids #IC

Introducing avocados to my kids at an early age was a wise move. Over the years, we have some famous dishes we make often that incorporate our favorite food, and it’s also fun to try new ones. Recently, we had an Avocado Tasting Party because that’s just how we do! You know us by now! Go big or go home. You see, it all started at an ice cream social in May. It was a “Meet the Kindergarten Teachers” event so we were able to meet a bunch of Des’ future classmates and families.


Here’s where it gets more fun. We met three families in particular – all living in our neighborhood or somehow connected to us through music or mutual friends. In fact, two of the families live a few houses over from us! We live in the woods, which is why we don’t always know or see our close neighbors! So we got each other’s contact information and kept in touch during the summer. We got to see each other a few more times at kindergarten playdates and that’s when we had the idea. We’d have an Avocado Tasting Party! Why? It’s because it’s a great way to incorporate avocados into family-friendly recipes, and then share them. Also, a few of our new friends have special diets/restrictions, but avocados are a favorite for all.

So we got to work and threw our party just a few days before kindergarten started. It was a late summer hurrah. I made three avocado dishes, and we had avocado plates and avocado shirts. Like I said, we go big or go home. And since we were already at home, we went big. Luckily for us, our friends did too. Our first guests arrived in style up our driveway.

You could hear them coming long before they arrived:

Now, you may be wondering – why avocado, right? Well, you’re probably NOT wondering that because it rocks, but I can give you three major reasons for why we had an avocado party. It’s a staple in our household, and for our new friends too:

  1. Consistency: The avocado’s smooth, creamy consistency and mild taste makes it one of the first fresh fruits a child can enjoy.

  2. Nutrient Density: Avocados contribute nearly 20 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytonutrients, that are important to infant/toddler nutrition.

  3. Freshness: Wholesome, fresh foods are less likely to contain added sugars, salt and other processed ingredients.

For both kids, avocados were their first food at the table. Avocados are perfect for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. I wish I could remember the first time I tried avocado as a kid, but I really think it was adulthood for me. And it was memorable.

For the party, we settled on three avocado dishes. First, we made Cassidy’s famous guacamole, which goes with EVERYTHING, and is a party favorite. Then I made one kid-friendly favorite of Chicken & Turkey Bacon Avocado Wraps.

Scarlet is a dainty eater, but she was a huge fan.

How would you like to have the best avocado tasting party EVER? That's right. Recipes. Fun facts. Photos. Food. Fun. It's all in this post! #ad #AvoKids #IC

Then we made Chipotle Avocado Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes. These bite-sized creations were made with adults in mind, but since our cherry tomatoes are growing everywhere these days, the kids were interested in them too. I made some non-spicy.

As you can tell, we had a great time. I was pleasantly surprised by how much my kids loved our avocado dishes, and also that they were proud to show them to their new friends. I was also pretty happy to have the kinds of new friends who are happy to come and have fun with our family! I can’t wait until the next party! I also have new lunch box favorite foods.

The favorite dish for the kids was the Chicken & Turkey Bacon Avocado Wraps, and the adults loved it too. Of course, guacamole is a must-have. I would love to hear about your favorite avocado dishes in the comments below! I can’t wait to make them.

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How would you like to have the best avocado tasting party EVER? That's right. Recipes. Fun facts. Photos. Food. Fun. It's all in this post! #ad #AvoKids #IC

What would you serve at YOUR Avocado Tasting Party?