3 Reasons We Snack Brighter With Outshine Bars

Here are three reasons we snack brighter with yummy Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Yogurt Bars. They're the perfect #backtoschool snack #ad #SnackBrighter

I’m being sincere here when I say there’s one snack my kids love more than nearly anything.

And it’s simple – as simple as the Outshine philosophy. They put good stuff in and get good stuff out. We LOVE Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Yogurt Bars (new to us). They use only fresh, healthy ingredients and help us to #SnackBrighter!

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3 Reasons We Snack Brighter With Outshine Bars:

1 – They really do “brighten” that tough time of day – back to school. Generally we’re all dragging a bit after school or work, and we’re looking for a healthy snack alternative that’s going to make us happy. My kids get SO excited when I buy Outshine Bars. At first I just figured it was snacks for the kids but today after school I had an Outshine Simply Yogurt Bar in Strawberry. Well, why didn’t anyone ever tell me? They’re phenomenal! Ok, the kids tell me all the time how good they are.

2 – They bring our family together and they align with our bigger and brighter and more colorful values. You know it – this family is all about bright, colorful, adventurous lives. Well, there’s an Outshine Bar for everyone. The flavors are varied and delicious, and they help us shine. I had no idea how much I’d love them but they’re our favorite for frozen delights.

3 – Outshine Bars use fresh and healthy ingredients. The Fruit Bars are made with real fruit or fruit juice and No GMO ingredients. The Yogurt Bars are made with 100% yogurt.

Just ask Scarlet, because she’s our resident expert on all things yummy and healthy too.

You can find these awesome products at your local Stop & Shop, Giant, Giant Carlisle, or Martin’s. Right now, you can get a coupon to any of these awesome places. Just click on the store names and that will take you to savings!

Here are three reasons we snack brighter with yummy Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Yogurt Bars. They're the perfect #backtoschool snack #ad #SnackBrighter


5 Reasons to Love These Exciting Meal Solutions For Busy Workdays

This post is written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. This shop has been compensated by Advantage Media and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I love creating new traditions with my kids that are inspired by times with my parents. Here's 5 reasons to love Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Bowls! #ad #JimmyDeanBowls

One thing I’ve always loved having in common with my dad is food.

We didn’t have the easiest start to our relationship as I was so young when he married my mom and confused about his role in my life. Over time, we bonded through our mutual love of potatoes, of bacon, of scrambled eggs, and of so much more! To this day, if I go to my parent’s house on any given day, my dad will keep the freezer stocked with Jimmy Dean® products. Oh, how I have loved them all! And recently I was able to show HIM something new with new Jimmy Dean 9 oz bowls.

You see, I always shared my Jimmy Dean time with my dad. It wasn’t just morning breakfast – I used their products for lunch, snacks, and dinner too. I loved that tradition. Now I live four hours away, and it always makes us happy when we can sneak away time to share our love of awesome foods together. When we get together in New Jersey, it’s three generations of family members sharing breakfast or lunch out on the porch. When he comes here, I get to show him all the awesome traditions I started here with my kids. It’s also super fun to show him something new for a change! Enter my new discovery.

Jimmy Dean 9 oz bowls!

So, I got the Jimmy Dean Loaded Potato Bowl, because of bacon, eggs and potatoes! I also got Jimmy Dean Burrito Bowl 9 oz. Right now, there’s a coupon applying to those two products, as well as Jimmy Dean Ranchero Steak & Eggs 9 oz.

meal solutions

Save $0.75 on Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Bowls: Loaded Potato Bowl, Burrito Bowl, or Ranchero Steak & Eggs Bowl. They’re available in the frozen food aisle at Albertsons! I got my Jimmy Dean 9 oz bowls at Shaw’s – right here in Massachusetts.

meal solutions

As you probably know, I’m busy these days. It’s tough to work at home and juggle working and parenting. Not to mention, we have two indoor pets and 11 outdoor chickens! My morning and afternoon times can get hectic, but I love to take time to myself to find and enjoy meal solutions. I was SO happy to discover these Jimmy Dean 9 oz bowls. I was so happy to find and buy them, that I made a list of the five reasons I most love them! I’d love to hear your reasons too:

meal solutions

1 – Protein! There are 21-23 grams of protein (depending on product variety) in these powerhouse bowls. I need my protein to gain and maintain momentum throughout the day. I learned long ago that this is my secret weapon for working all day.


busy workday

2 – Versatility. These products are GREAT for breakfast, but think beyond breakfast. They’re great for lunch, snacks or dinner too. I can’t think of a single instance in which my favorite meal solutions wouldn’t hit the spot perfectly.

3 – Total Meal Solutions. What does that mean? It means there’s no need to add additional elements to the bowls. I wouldn’t anyway. All of my favorite things can be found in them! Bacon! Cheese! Eggs! Beans! Vegetables! YUM.

4 – Ingredients! Ah.. Seasoned red potatoes, specialty sauces, and other unique ingredients depending on the flavor.

5 – Accessibility. They are easily found in the frozen aisle of Albertsons stores. They fit perfectly into my everyday life – with work and parenting and errands and chicken-farming. You never know what the day will throw at you.

And THAT is why I love having Jimmy Dean 9 oz bowls on hand for my everyday meal solutions. I feel happy to have a delicious and unique breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner on hand so I can look forward to mealtime every day!

I love creating new traditions with my kids that are inspired by times with my parents. Here's 5 reasons to love Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Bowls! #ad #JimmyDeanBowls