Scarlet’s Bake Sale for RMHC

Do what you love and raise money #forRMHC. Inspired by Ronald McDonald House Charities, my daughter had a bake sale! What will your family do for #RHMC? #ad

Does your kid juggle? Or run bake sales, lemonade sales, and tag sales like a champ?

Scarlet and I had a long conversation about how she wanted to give back to Ronald McDonald House. There are endless reasons to give and we talk about them often. Scarlet is a budding entrepreneur, and I saw it about her when she was quite young. Cassidy had had a bad day and had turned his bad mood around by picking a few Christmas angels off his company tree and shopping for them. One day I was having a bad day and Scarlet said, “Pay for the car behind you in line at the drive-through. You’ll feel better!” Sure enough, I did! We found out later we had started a chain of paying it forward.

That’s why we’ve been inspired by the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Did you know that RMHC provided 2.4 million overnight stays to families in 2016? And that in doing so, RMHC gave families the ability to spend more time with their sick children, interact with their doctors, and make important decisions about their children’s care. RHMC provides places for families with sick children to stay just steps away from the hospitals where they are receiving critical care – through the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room Programs.

bake sale

Right now, we’re thinking of ways to give back. Earlier this summer, we had a massive lemonade sale. Scarlet is learning how to juggle right now and for our next way to support children’s charities, we’ll be doing a #JuggleForRaiseLove.

This time, we held a bake sale to help raise awareness for RHMC and its effort. Scarlet was all too happy to talk to our neighbors and friends. She is helping RHMC reach their goal of providing 12,500 more overnight stays to families of sick children this year. In fact, I’ll let my sweet and inspired girl tell you the story herself with this video we made together:

Now how cute is that? We are so proud to support this cause!

How will you help raise money for RMHC?