What I Want You To Know.

For yet another Ask Away Friday, I have partnered myself up with..myself. For the #30ThingsChallenge.

There are just many things to say. I don’t like plot holes, you see. If I go to a movie and they don’t turn the lights on when the credits roll, I stay until the theater has completely emptied and I wait for that secret ending. And if there is no secret ending, I at least enjoy the music and wonder why they just encouraged a ton of people to trip over themselves in the dark for nothing! When a show is canceled abruptly, I get very angry that it never got a chance to cover the plot holes. I’m looking at YOU, “My So-Called Life”! And when a show does get a chance to fill in about 500 plot holes and just doesn’t, that’s called negligence. I’m looking at YOU, “Glee!” Don’t get me started on books and movies – I do enjoy when they leave something open to think about, when a sequel is already in the works. I’m looking at ya, Guardians of the Galaxy and I like what I see.


So imagine my surprise when I found out that I had left a plot hole and I haven’t filled in any of it in a long time! Over a year ago, I started the #30ThingsChallenge which I found on Second Chances Girl’s blog. It’s about answering 30 questions that you want your kids to know about you – either right now or eventually. I only answered question #1 of 30 Things About Me That I Want My Kids to Know, and now it’s time for some more. Feel free to use them anytime! I think they’re very fun.

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Personally, I went out of order with the questions!

1. What are 5 things that make you most happy right now?

Well, I’m not all that happy right now because the weather is still trash and Des appears to have a fever virus, but I suppose I should just be thankful it’s not another stomach virus and that this trash weather/trash virus season is nearly gone.

1. That! I’m happy that spring weather will come, and soon we’ll be gardening in short-sleeves, and we’ll be virus free!
2. I’m happy that a big paycheck is coming my way and that I plan to use it as wisely as I can, but on cookies too.
3. I’m happy that other than this fever cold thing, both kids are in very communicative and developing and happy phases.
4. I’m happy that I still have a lot of excitement to see moose and go on road trips and explore and photograph New England.
5. I’m happy that Cassidy and I are getting to a better place lately. For awhile there..whew..it wasn’t pleasant.

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2. What is your dream job and why?

I used to think it was to be a National Geographic photographer, but then I became a mother, and I don’t really want to run all over the globe when I can run all around here and see some beauty. I’d love to be a very successful photographer AND writer AND mother. You know, kinda like what I am now, but with a lot more money, and a heck of a lot less fear.

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3. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

I don’t embarrass easily at all. I think growing up with four siblings intent on embarrassing you will do that. So no, even when Des pooped out of his diaper and out of his clothes and onto my sundress in public, I wasn’t embarrassed. Just flustered. And when Scarlet asked the nurse when Des’ penis would fall off, the way his umbilical cord had, I wasn’t embarrassed. Ok, I will tell you something that embarrassed me and it’s AWFUL. I told it to my playground friends yesterday and they agreed that it’s awful. When Scarlet was two or three, I took her with me to an eyebrow appointment. While I was paying the ladies, she said something that I have never figured out where she had heard it first. She said it innocently enough, and I know she had NO idea, but she said to me, “Mama, where are we going to buy them? Do we have to go to a special store because I want a bag of d*cks!” I turned white. There was a language barrier but the salon ladies knew EXACTLY what she had said.

I probably shouldn’t provide a link.. because this supposed to be a family post..but you can get such things online!

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4. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

What the heck? I have to go from a bag of d*cks to this? Well I’m not going to get political or unleash anything like that, but I think the notion that the world is getting worse is wrong. People will always talk about the “good ole days” (like the Spanish Inquisition?) and how everything is unsafe. Well it always has been. It comes and goes – bad times and good times. We are just more aware of the bad than ever with social media. I think there always has been, and there always will be a majority of good people trying to make the world a better place. There’s a lot of good yet. Now.. come give me a hug! There, that’s right.

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5. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. Inconsiderate drivers.
2. Slow people in the left lane. What. Is. Wrong. With. Them?
3. Audible eating.
4. Close talking.
5. “Your” in place of “You’re.” How can you get this far in life and not know?
6. The sound of typing on a laptop.
7. Slow computers!
8. Never being able to hit the X on your browser fast enough when you accidentally click a link.
9. People who walk painfully slowly, take up a whole sidewalk, and then stop short in the middle of it.
10. Pop-ups on websites. I hope you never see one here! I don’t want subscribers or Facebook fans THAT badly.

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6. Describe your relationship with your spouse.

Well it’s evolving. We have a lot of love and dreams, but messy life stuff has gotten in the way and we’re not the power couple we set out to be. Luckily, we haven’t given up on any of it – not on each other and not on our original big dreams.

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7. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

I don’t know if I have one! I definitely like Easter/Passover for the happiness factor since I’m all about light and warmth and chocolate eggs. Halloween is pretty darn special. I guess Christmas is my favorite for the big, big dreams and the season.

This is when we told her Santa brought Disney World tickets:

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8. What’s the hardest part of growing up?

For me, it’s about your dreams dying, or seeing that possibility as imminent. And it’s about the challenge of letting people in and out of your heart. The more you love and grow, the more people you eventually lose. And that’s the toughest stuff.

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9. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

I think mine might more be phobias than fears, and they are all interlinked. And deep. Sorry, no spider fear over here:

1. Dying young. Well, my father left behind two young daughters rather suddenly, and I’m terrified of that happening here.

2. Vomit. I think it’s related to fear of loss of control, which explains other fears. (but not heights, strangely) I think it’s from when my parents were dating after my father died. They left us with a babysitter when I was sick and I threw up on my arm. I must have felt so scared and sad and alone. The babysitter put me in clean pajamas and I got to watch Snow White until my parents came home. Also, vomit is not exactly pleasant even when you’re not phobic, is it?

3. Natural disasters and apocalypse talk and outer space. I can’t even joke about meteors and global warming and black holes and the sun exploding. I can’t even watch shows on it! Don’t get me started on earthquakes and volcanos and tornados!

10. What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Is hair a body part? I like its thickness. I think my favorite part of my body is its all around metabolism. I’m just narrow all over and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, although I’m sure it could still happen for me when I’m older.

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Let’s All Snuggle And Be Merry.

It’s rather fun getting back into the swing of things.

And that means writing a blog post that takes over 20 minutes! Yes, I was writing my blog posts in about 20 minutes for the last few weeks. Thank you to those who said they couldn’t tell. However, it’s nice to write one that requires notes!

The Tuesday Ten girls had a prompt this week that had me mulling. It’s the chance to invent your own holiday! I find it so subjective and I was definitely over-thinking the meanings and symbolism parts of it all, and I decided to just drop it and have fun. Unfortunately, National Popcorn Day, National Cookie Day, and National Ice Cream Day are already holidays, or I’d surely be topping my list with those! By the way, do any of you actually celebrate those National days? Which is your favorite?

The Liebers

Here are some holidays that I would create if I could be a Holiday Creator. I had some help:

1. National Day of the Moose. – I think it would be a fine idea to celebrate this majestic beast with a whole day devoted to the studying and/or photographing and/or watching them from afar. No shooting them, please. Unless with a camera.

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2. Daylight Savings. – I think it should be a holiday. Enough said there!

3. Harry Potter Day. – This is a day in which we can all believe in magic a little more. We can dress up and exchange presents like chocolate frogs, magic wands, and my personal favorite – the Nimbus 2000!

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4. TV Day. – This holiday was suggested to me by Scarlet when I crowd-sourced! (family-sourced) On this day, we all watch a lot of TV and celebrate the wonderful invention of television in our lives. I dig.

5. Family Fun Day. – This was another gem supplied by Scarlet. It’s pretty self-explanatory in that you devote a whole day into being completely together. Maybe without electronics like the aforementioned TV!

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6. Snuggle Day. – Another Scarlet holiday! See, I slacked a bit? I love her suggestions so much, though! TV, Family Fun, and Snuggling – all on three separate and wonderful days of our year. We may make it happen internally.

7. Garden Day. – This was suggested by Cassidy as a day in which everyone works in their gardens and yards!

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8. Big Day of Self Care. – I don’t have the logistics of this one ironed out well, because you can’t tell people to take the day off from work when it might be a big business day for people who work in spas and salons. I just know that we devote entire days to anniversaries and children and parents, but what if you were told to do nice things for yourself for an entire day?

9. Laughter Day. This was from Scarlet. It’s like April Fool’s Day but there aren’t tricks – just laughter.

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10. Touch Your Husband’s Butt Day. – This is what happens when you’re slaphappy and you’ve been thinking too much.

**Bonus #11. April Fart’s Day. See above, but supplied by either Scarlet or Cassidy.

And now, since I crowd-sourced and got slap-happy, I have another list! It’s one of my hospital mixes from Des’ birth. It came on in the car today and brought back so many memories of what went through my head when I was planning for his arrival:

1. “Do It Again” by The Kinks. – With such lyrics, I’m not surprised I chose this for a second birth:

“And now we’re back where we started,
Here we go round again.
Day after day I get up and I say
I better do it again.”

2. “You Took My Breath Away” by Tom Petty. – If you’ve been in labor or near in labor, you know it’s a lot about breathing. Also, Des’ Braxton Hicks contractions made me so breathless that I preferred the “real” contractions that supplied pain!

3. “Pretty Good Year” by Tori Amos. – Well hey. It was a pretty good year to meet Des.

4. “Brother” by Toad the Wet Sprocket. – Scarlet was gaining a little brother, after all!

5. “Into The Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty. – And what better adventure is it to meet your child? The great wide open.

6. “Shout” by Tears for Fears. – I think the song is actually about shout therapy but I think it makes a pretty great birth mix because I’m totally weird and the “shout, shout, let it all out” lyrics seemed very pivotal to me at the time.

7. “Birdhouse In Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants. – I honestly don’t remember why I chose this. I think for its fun nature and because I saw them live and they had a dirty puppet show and I have a weird sense of humor and this song rocks.

8. “Crosseyed and Painless” by Talking Heads. – I knew I wanted a Talking Heads song in my birth mix because I had one with Scarlet’s birth and I remember the nurse dancing and singing to it while holding my leg. You can’t make this stuff up.

9. “Nothing Else Matter” by Metallica. – Simply one of my favorite songs and always appropriate for weighty times.

10. “Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd. – I bet you thought I’d say Tom Petty, right?? Well both “Learning to Fly” songs excite me.

11. “One Step Closer To You” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. – I had backstage passes to one of his shows because he’s a friend of a friend, and I found the experience to be soothing. And each contraction was one step closer to Des.

12. “Dr. Wu” by Steely Dan. – Well this was an interesting pick. I think I picked it for the lyric: “You walked in, And my life began again.”

13. “Touch of Grey” by Grateful Dead. – This song simply comes in handy when you really need it.

14. “Jack Straw” by Bruce Hornsby. – Bruce Hornsby pretty much finds his way onto every mix I ever make.

15. “Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds. – Alive and kicking. Needs no explanation, right?

16. “Happy Ending” – Little Mermaid soundtrack. – Really needs no explanation either. It’s the happiest song I know!

Can you guess which of these songs Des was born to?

What holiday would you invent?