When the Camera Met Astro

There’s always that first time a new loved one meets my camera.

Or is it really my camera meeting them? I always seem to capture the moments exactly as they fall into place, sort of the way it always works out. Instinct. Technique. More of one than the other. Self-doubt. Pure emotion. I can’t say that I’ve been really up on myself with photography or writing lately. Sometimes it’s hard for me and sometimes it isn’t. It’s just that there’s so much perspective and emotion crammed into blog posts and photographs, no matter how wide the bandwidth and how large the format. I only took phone photos the day we got Astro because I was focused on keeping the surprise under wraps and holding a wiggly puppy for a three hour car ride. Not that it wasn’t pure bliss. I shouldn’t have been worried.

We spent a few days, and then weeks, getting to know each other. He has started puppy class and he’s tried to chew our entire house. We’ve had some user-error-induced house breaking accidents, but we’re learning the way and so is he. He brightens my day. I’ve been so tired since we got him – just flat-out exhausted at the end of the day. I was already so bad at balancing parenting and personal/social life and work and writing/photography for fun. Then you throw a puppy into the mix and the fact that he has to be watched or crated when I’m working. Yet, sometimes he’s just the brightest star in my sky.

And the best part of my day. Pure unconditional affection. He doesn’t cower like Athena, act like too much of a cat like Junie (the cat), break my heart like humans, and cause Salmonella like the chickens. I can just scoop him up, day after day, moment after moment – sometimes letting tears drip down his fur. He’s perfect and new. And he smells good. And he’s fluffy – although changing color every day. Not to mention, will we EVER know what kind of dog he is? Maybe. Probably not.

So that’s my story for you, and it’s one of love and newness and how the emotions spill out into words and then spill out into photos and somehow with spoken words and written words and photographs, other people get a bit of an idea of it all.

So this is my photo story for you:

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He’s pretty irresistible, isn’t he?

5 Ways We GoNoodle Together

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I’m proud to be partnering with GoNoodle, since we are a family of GoNoodlers, and I’m excited to share 5+ ways that we GoNoodle together every day! My son uses the app at school and is also proud to share his wisdom with my readers.

sponsored Ever GoNoodled? GoNoodle is a free kids app that has dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, & other ways to move your body and brain!

Fellow parents – have you discovered the wonders of the GoNoodle app yet?

When I told Scarlet I had a family account on my phone and that I was going to log in on the family tablet, she was excited. However, it was Des who really blew my mind. “GoNoodle?!” He shouted! “We use that at school! I LOVE it!” Now I knew he used it at school, but I still pretended it was all new to me so he could show me all the wonderful ways he’s already an experienced GoNoodler. I’m so proud! Whether you’re looking for family dance parties, like we are, or you want to do yoga, GoNoodle has your back. I focus so often on relaxation, exercise, and mindfulness in my life, and GoNoodle so wonderfully helps develop those skills in your kids. And if we’re being honest, this app helps ME with those skills and situations too.

GoNoodle isn’t just for home. You can be a GoNoodler on the go. Anywhere! In the car. At the beach (if you have phone reception). At the park. In your backyard. GoNoodle is a wonderful free kids app that has dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, and other active and fun ways to move. I love that it doesn’t just move your body, but it moves your brain. And of course, I love that it doesn’t just move your brain, it moves your body. Such a bonus and such a fun time too.

WWhat I particularly love is that everything in GoNoodle is created to either energize or calm, stimulate or relax, and recharge or focus the body and mind. GoNoodle is loved by kids. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my kids collaborate the way they do now.

Not only is this wonderful app loved by kids and their parents, it’s trusted by teachers. Des doesn’t always talk about what he does at school, but when something intrigues him, he positively lights up. And GoNoodle has been used in 80% of U.S. elementary schools this year! And why not? It’s safe and active and also turns traditional screen time into something better for the kids. We already limit screen time as is, but it’s easy to allow dance parties, yoga sessions, and mindfulness activities into your kids’ lives. These are opportunities for families to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and be their best selves, together.

They don’t simply “check out” in front of a screen. All of GoNoodle’s content is Y-7 – ACTIVE screen time that parents can trust and appreciate. And, we’re excited for the GoNoodle GoSummer daily programming events and sweepstakes. They will have daily live programming at 11am and 7pm ET starting on June 18th. This programming will be hosted by GoNoodle celebrities and will feature all-new dance-alongs and sweepstakes prizes. I love that this takes GoNoodle up a notch because wherever we are this summer – beach, errands, restaurant – we can join in the fun for sing-alongs, dance-alongs, and stretch-alongs!

sponsored Ever GoNoodled? GoNoodle is a free kids app that has dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, & other ways to move your body and brain!

Also, do you love the ’90s the way I do? There are NTV throwback videos on GoNoodle GoSummer that are fun for me to share my favorite ’90s songs (and dance moves) with my family. Also, new videos are coming every week to showcase those songs that are too legit to quit. (seriously) Remember hits like, “Bye Bye Bye”, “U Can’t Touch This”, and the Fresh Prince theme song? Whenever that comes on, my kids look at me like I have two heads because I get so excited. Can’t help it!

Here Are 5 Ways We GoNoodle Together Every Day:

1 – We exercise. Isn’t it nice to exercise together and not even knowing you’re doing so?

2 – We do yoga. I have to be honest – I didn’t know much but GoNoodle has taught me a few great things.

3 – We learn mindfulness techniques – and then that puts new purpose in our tasks for the day.

4 – We do chores together. GoNoodle is awesome to inspire us to work together every day, or it helps keep them occupied and happy, so I can get things done with the tasks in the house, and also with our three busy pets.

5 – We relax and wind down together. Sometimes this is the best part.

sponsored Ever GoNoodled? GoNoodle is a free kids app that has dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, & other ways to move your body and brain!

And of course, we dance together. All day long.

Don’t forget – this amazing live content is available for family accounts and you can access it on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and www.gonoodle.com. Log in on weekdays at 11am EST or 7pm EST for special live content and a chance to win prizes, or any other time you feel like GoNoodling! And have fun.

Where have you GoNoodled?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoNoodle.