Your Kiss is On My List.

Title inspired by a song in my head and a blogger in my heart – Kiss My List.

Well. It’s been a weekend for sure. Cassidy went to Cape Cod and I drove the kids to New Jersey to see some of their favorite cousins, aunts and uncles. This has never happened to me in my life but I managed to “kiss” another car on my way into a parking space. Previously, I had never even hit so much as a small rodent, although I have hit the curb and I hit my garage door once at my old house. That said, I waited to tell the people and it was just a scrape on their car – tiny, tiny – but I realized then and there that I will never have the kind of life in which I will worry about scratches on my car. It’s just not worth it to me. (ugly car or not) And if someone “kisses” my car? I will nicely say, “Have a nice day and no worries.” Clearly that happened in San Francisco… daily… and Cassidy’s bumper is pretty much one network of 17,000 lines or “kisses”.

This is how concerned Cassidy was about scrapes on his car:

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And it’s all good. After a few great dinners and the Blairstown Memorial Day Parade, which was the longest parade I’ve ever seen (about an hour long), we’re home and I’m cuddling Dinah and linking up with Tuesday Ten – Summer 2015 Bucket Lists.

The Liebers

I discussed our family bucket lists HERE, but this one here will be all mine. All weird, all mine, and hopefully all completed by fall of 2015. What’s on YOUR personal summer bucket list, if you were just thinking about your own summer dreams?

1. The White Mountains are alive with the sound of music. One of my birthday wishes is to visit the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my family. One of my dreams is to ride the Cog Railway up Mt. Washington but it’s very expensive and I’d be happy to go to the summit in our car. I haven’t been there in ages, but I do remember and I have read that there’s clam chowder (and other goodies) at the top of the tallest mountain this side of the Mississippi. Do it for the chowder. I also want to ride the gondola at Wildcat Mountain or Loon Mountain, take the kids to Story Land, and DEFINITELY try to see moose.

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2. Well, heck. I’m even trying to do this next weekend, family willing. I want to go back to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. We went for our sixth anniversary last April, just the two of us, and it was very cold and rainy. Fun and successful, but very cold and rainy. We had talked about bringing the kids back to the bogs and basins. It’s so moose-y there!

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3. Since my parents live near the Poconos, I would love to go back to Bushkill Falls. I haven’t been in decades! Another dream is Hershey Park but that might be next summer instead. In the least, we can go to The Land of Make Believe with the cousins!

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4. New England day trips! I always have big dreams and I always think summer will just be a series of wonderful, weather-perfect day trips. And then real life and thunderstorms and day camp and anxiety pile up like a brick wall and I can’t quite get through. So I lounge around in air-conditioning. Well-planned trips and accountability do leave room for a lot, and the kids will be game and I will be pushing through. I’m thinking Six Flags a lot since we get season passes, Legoland Boston and Flour Bakery (Hi, Bev!), and Edaville. Thomasland is opening in mid-August. Perfect. Add in museums, zoos, and parks galore.

5. Cape Cod, of course! Last year we didn’t get to go for very long. Two years ago we went twice – once for a quick overnight and a second time mid-week without Cassidy to spend more time there. That second time was key. The weather was horrible but we were never rushing anywhere. It was the feel of a real summer vacation – within our own state, and within our own family’s beach house. You can’t beat it! Last year we went out for ice cream – bonus points this year for a romantic dinner.

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6. Fireworks, of course! Scarlet and I try to go on a fireworks date each year. Perhaps, Des will join us. Perhaps not.

7. Meet Janine! And see Allie, Bev, Jennifer and many other blog friends again along our travels.

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8. We always do Tanglewood in the summer but I also want to see a concert there! Sheryl Crow is playing with the Boston Pops.. Huey Freakin’ Lewis is playing.. James Taylor is playing but it’s sold out. I believe we already missed the Indigo Girls.

9. Nature-ous stuff! Berry picking and even some light gardening. I get weird after too long in the sun but I’d like to help Scarlet and Cassidy. Is night gardening a thing? I also want to climb Sugarloaf Mountain with the family!

10. Personal growth, marital growth, parental growth, sexy summer nights, ice cream, and fighting my demons.

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**Bonus! Maine. We’re already planning a lot and the kids will have several weeks of day camp. I still dream, though. Baxter State Park? Moosehead Lake – where moose outnumber humans 3 to 1? Bar Harbor, crab cakes and a cozy bed and breakfast?

I’m a Dog.

Hopefully you didn’t click this link, thinking that Tamara was calling herself a dog.

She is most certainly NOT a dog, although I’m not really sure what she is. A two-legged, chocolate-eating, situationally grumpy but often friendly animal. And she’s letting me take the hot seat today and answer questions for Ask Away Friday.


Are you ready to hear about me – Athena? I’m often silent on this blog, the way that Cassidy, Scarlet and Des are – although they’ve all had their say. In fact, you might not even know they’re real. The only friend to ever meet ALL three of them in the same room is Ilene, of Hippie Chick Granola. I like granola. I stole some of Tamara’s Blend once, and the real Tamara was pretty pissed because of the chocolate factor. Little did she know, I ignored the chocolate and went for the pretzels.

Thanks, Ilene.

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Enough about me, though. Well more about me, but later. For now I want to introduce my super-adorable partner this week – Hannah, of The Mad Mommy fame. She’s a real sport for agreeing to my weird questions. We plan to hang out one day.

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What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world! Ask me if you want to swap!


Now welcoming our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts…

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Don’t forget to read Hannah’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. What did you think when Cassidy first brought you into the house?

I was really nervous! I hadn’t had a fantastic start to life and I had gotten quite comfortable with my lovely foster family. Suddenly I was put in a truck for hours..days…without even peeing. Once. So then the truck arrived at some place that smelled like fantastically greasy hamburgers (I’m from Alabama – definitely not unfamiliar with the smell of grills) and this man in a long black coat was standing there and smiling. He looked as nervous as I felt. I wanted to make him feel better so I peed all over his coat. Vermont was COLD, and I wanted to warm him up. Then he drove me to this strange house with these kinda adorable but strange people. One of the bigger ones had a camera and she just looked at me. Her eyes were so big. She just looked at me. Then a slow smile spread across her lips. And I looked at her. And I smiled. Then one of the smaller, adorable ones took me in her arms on the couch. She talked to me and held me. That’s when I knew where I was. Home.

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2. You live on a lot of land (I’m totally jealous) have you ever wondered off?

Umm.. only once or twice.. a day. The thing is that I’m a lot more sneaky and smart than I appear and sometimes I’ll be gardening with the family and they’ll all be immersed in something boring – like tomatoes – and I’ll run off. I generally just wander around the four acres but I get myself in a lot of good trouble. During the winter, we got about 100 inches of snow. It was so high and I’m so light that I learned how to jump over the fence of the yard from the top of the snow. When the snow melted, I realized I could STILL perform my superpower. So it’s been.. fun. The skunk incident? Not as fun. My family didn’t really hug me for a week. That doesn’t really stop me from.. you know.. going back to the area where I got sprayed and rolling in the oil. I also roll in deer poop! And I really love getting porcupine quills stuck in my nose. Daily. I’m awesome.

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3. Where is your favorite spot in the house?

It used to be Mama’s spot in bed, but I got sick of being kicked off all the time. And after the skunk incident, I wasn’t allowed on the bed for awhile. I really like nooks and couches and ottomans and most of all – SUNBEAMS!

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4. Which one of your humans drops the most food on the ground?

Oh, I don’t even think you would need to ask if you met my family! It’s this one:

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5. Who or what is your doggy nemesis?

Hmm.. good question. I’m pretty awesome with all humans. Each one gets my undivided attention and I will treat every human I know like they’re the only human I know. (don’t tell them I said that) I am thinking maybe it’s the skunk. Or the porcupine. I stick my head in his hole daily but I can’t quite get him. I do get his quills in my nose! On the other hand, the skunk really got me. He got me good. I do want revenge. Or to be friends with him. I can’t decide which. Speaking of which, do you smell that? Do you hear that? He’s around. I just know it! The cats are worthless at catching him. SKUNK!!!! brb…

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Well. That was weird. Tamara here! I guess I’ll have to answer Hannah’s questions now!

1. What did you first think when Cassidy brought Athena home?

I was confused and apprehensive, but also ridiculously happy. He’s full of surprises! I knew something was up just that day because he had left so early for “work” and wasn’t on Google Chat and then came back home so soon. I honestly had no idea what he was bringing out of that car! My first thought was that she was adorable but I wanted to know everything about her.

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2. What is your favorite thing to do with her?

Definitely the dog park! It’s great exercise for me and I can let her go off leash. She will come back to check on me periodically and will always come when called. That’s a far cry from how she behaves at home actually!

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3. Hannah is often my road-dog on short errands, does Athena right with you in the car? How does she sit? Hannah sits in the front seat or in Shelby’s car-seat!

She’s great in the car! Her favorite seat is the passenger seat as my co-pilot. It was actually really sad when it started getting too warm out to bring her everywhere because she would look so hopeful when I reached for the keys but the heat is no joke!

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4. How does Athena handle things like thunder and fireworks?

She does really well! I’ve never seen any kind of reaction to them. My childhood dog would hide in the hamper closet! And Cassidy’s old dog, Stormy, would hide in the closet and once ate my favorite pair of shoes during fireworks on July 4th!

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5. Tell me the absolute best Athena memory, not including her coming home!

I have one! It was last summer during our annual trip to Cape Cod, and her first time with all of us there. We had NO idea how she’d react. It took a bit but one day we went to the quiet bay and played in tidal pools. She held back but she does take care of her family so after the fourth one of us (probably Des) went into the water, she couldn’t resist and began swimming around us. Later we found little “islands” because of the low tides, and she would swim from one island to another and gently nose each one of us – the four of us. Her family. I went out pretty deep at one point and I could hear gentle splashes as she followed me in the water to make sure I was ok. I fell madly in love with her that day. I took photos, of course.

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